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Like the “rock” of our namesake, we embrace the belief that we are the steadfast foundations upon which our clients can build their futures, and the staunch pillars they can rely on in times of need. Migration overseas holds countless uncertainties, and we aim to be the support our clients can fall back upon.

US immigration methods include
(1) EB-1 , (2) EB-2, (3) EB-3, (4) EB-5,
and (5) Diversity Immigrant Visa

UK immigration methods include
(1)Investor visa, (2) Innovator Visa, and (3) Start-up Visa.

NZ immigration methods include
(1) Investor Visa, (2) Entrepreneur Visa,
and (3) Skilled Visa.

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Rock Global Immigration Ltd

Rock Global Immigration tailors services according to the individual needs and background of the client, to ensure each package caters to the client’s every requirement. No matter the client’s uncertainties, we will be sure to address all of them without fail to put the client’s concerns to rest.

The COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 has dealt a heavy blow to Hong Kong’s economy and the livelihoods of people. China is facing its greatest political challenges yet, and foreign relations are tempestuous. In these tumultuous times, what people yearn for are a stable place they can call home and a safe way to invest their financial assets. At Rock Global Immigration, we freely share our accumulated experiences with our clients with the sole aim of helping them establish a stable foothold for a better life, for both themselves and their families.

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